Please download and complete the Application Form and Liability Waiver.

Tiger Badminton Application in English 4-3-2019 (pdf)


Tiger Badminton Application in Chinese 4-3-2019 (pdf)


Tiger Badminton Liability Waiver (pdf)


Rules and Regulations

1)  During the opening hours, please check-in with the membership card/prepaid card.  Other players need to pay at the front desk before entering the court.  If a player leaves the Center for over 30 min, he/she will be considered completed the visit of the day.  Another entry fee is required if the same player wants to play again.

2)  No non-sport shoes entering (such as shoe’s sole is black, hard or with nails). Badminton shoes are highly recommend.

3)  No smoking, spitting and littering in order to maintain the public clean.

4)  No chasing, screaming and any activity that is disturbing others.

5)  No bike, skating and any other non-related sports to the court.

6)  No food and any other smelly items on the court.

7)  It is suggested that no valuable items in the Center.  Any loss will be on your own.

8)  Please be safe on the court. Any slipping and falling will be on your own responsibility.

9)  When other players are playing, please do not staying in / near the court to avoiding any injury.

10)  Please help to maintain the facilities. Any damage needs to be paid accordingly.

11)  When more than 4 players are using one court, please use “ 20 min rotation rule”.  When you are done with 20 min playing, please let the next player to play and you should back to the waiting line for the court again (same court or any other court).

12)  The elder and those who have reduced mobility, high blood pressure, heart disease or physical illness has not been fully recovered, please use the court, as appropriate.  Any problems occur will be on your own responsibility.

13)  Our staff is authorized to stop those disturbing action or activity and ask those persons who are not following the regulations to leave.

14)  Parents with kids, please take care about your children. Any accidents will be on your own responsibility.